Fight Through Medtech’s Sales Headwinds: Keys to Greater Customer Access Today

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The medical device industry faces major headwinds to revenue growth, and many of the challenges are self-inflicted. Not only do salespeople have less direct access to their customers, in many cases, the audiences they need to reach are less receptive to their messaging. 

A new approach is needed to stem the frustration and turnover and to keep revenue growth on target. The mental side of selling is the most overlooked aspect in training. Despite healthcare being an arena where logical thought process rules the day, we know that from a human level, emotions drive actions and buyer behaviors. Approaching selling must be based on partnering and collaboration as opposed to conflict or challenge.

John Crowder

In this session our John Crowder and DeviceTalks Editorial Director Tom Salemi will share how to reframe the approach to medical sales team development and coaching and outline a clear action plan for healthcare sales success. Sales success requires more than just product knowledge, clinical expertise, and well-crafted marketing messages. It requires the right mindset, a consultative model and skillset, and a common language around sales and service. Just as importantly, we’ll talk about the leadership required to support it and 3 key coaching areas every healthcare sales manager should be focused on.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • The essential elements for productive, successful sales teams in the current climate
  • Actionable steps to take for greater healthcare sales success
  • 3 key coaching areas every medical sales manager should address

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