Meet the Team

Our mission is to help our clients create value for their customers. Our team builds integrity into every client experience.

Barbara Lightner

Graphic Design Manager

Blake Esterday

Client Engagement Manager

Brian Snader

Vice President, Client Development

Bruce Wedderburn

Chief Sales Officer

Carissa Conlee

Sales Development Representative

Chuck Ringo

VP of Operations

Dave Larter

Master Facilitator

Harriet Butler

Partner and EVP

Johnny Walker

Business Associate

Joyce Hames

Vice President, Client Development

Julie ann Wessinger

Partner - Allied Solutions LLC

Lisa Bullock

Vice President, Business Development

Michael Wright

Director of Media Services & Technology

Mike Esterday

Partner and CEO

Mike Fisher

Vice President, Client Development

Ron King

Vice President, Client Development

Stacie Taylor

Client Engagement Manager

Terri O'Halloran

Vice President of Client Development

Will Milano

Vice President of Marketing

Our team wants to help your team Think differently about what it means to Sell and the way your customers think about you.

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