Webinar: The Human Factor in Sales: How to Reconnect and Stand Apart in a Technology-Overloaded World

May 14th, 2020 2:00pm – 2:30pm EST/EDT
In partnership with AA-ISP
Co-presented by Mike Esterday and Bruce Wedderburn

From aggressive growth targets to stalled pipeline to customer churn, Inside Sales organizations are feeling the pressure. But no matter how robust your CRM, AI, apps, tools, and dashboards, technology isn’t enough to address these challenges. In fact, more than any other factor, the quality and quantity of the conversations your people have with customers will determine how differentiated your solutions are, the degree to which your opportunities and revenues advance, and even the ROI from your tech stack.

The success of these critical conversations ultimately comes down to the person’s skill, attitude, and beliefs about selling. The problem is, most organizations aren’t doing enough to develop these essential human factors. AA-ISP research shows that sales reps don’t believe the training, coaching and developmental support (if it’s even available) are doing enough to help them be successful.

Join us for this insightful, interactive webinar to discover how to develop not just the skills and techniques but the pivotal mindset areas that are the true predictor of sales success. You’ll learn practical tips and an easy-to-apply framework for building a continually growing and consistently high-performing sales organization that attracts and retains top sales talent.

  • Increase confidence and improve close rates by shifting your reps’ attitudes and beliefs about selling
  • Shift the emphasis of sales training to the differentiating human factors that create customer value
  • Apply a coaching model that helps leaders build trust and adapt their communication to ignite individual achievement drive
  • Implement a post-training reinforcement plan that delivers sustainable impact

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