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Challenges, Innovation and Collaboration in the Medical Device Industry

What do more than half of the Top 10 2019 Medical Device companies have in common? They’ve all chosen Integrity Solutions as their sales training provider.

With aging populations, chronic disease threats, and ever-changing government regulations, the future of healthcare is being shaped today. And the importance of medical device sales teams delivering value for customers and achieving their goals has never been more important. Today’s mission-driven medical device companies can no longer rely on the “tried-and-true” approaches of the past. New influencers, broader coalitions of decision-makers- including the emergence of the non-clinical buyer- and changing regulations and policies have raised the stakes—and the barriers to success.

Medical device sales professionals who consistently break through have:

  • A thorough understanding of the business environment in which they’re operating
  • The skills, behaviors and mindset to engage in strategic, value-filled conversations with diverse stakeholders
  • Strong support from an active coaching culture and effective, value-focused processes

Build the confidence, competence and commitment to excel in a complex, constantly changing sales environment.

Our customized medical device sales training and coaching gives you a proven, value-driven approach for developing consultative sales behaviors, adapting to the needs of different influencers and instilling the self-belief to step up to new realities—and deliver the value that matters most to each stakeholder.

  • Build a strong values- and ethics-based culture
  • Create a common sales language across the organization
  • Attract and retain high performers
  • Sell economic as well as clinical value
  • Maximize sales performance
  • Create strategic partnerships that open the door for more opportunities
  • Enhance leadership capabilities and create a true coaching culture

“I’ve never found a follow-up program that provides the type of impact that the Integrity program Delivers.”

– Stephen Brodeur, Director of Commercial Training and Development, Quest Diagnostics

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