Coaching People to Be Like You? Here’s Why That’s a Big Mistake.

No two coaching conversations should be alike because no two people are alike.

From July 2018

How can two coaching conversations, where everything seemed the same on paper, turn out so differently in practice? Managers who are new to coaching quickly discover that no two coaching conversations are alike – because no two people are alike. What one person is motivated by and seeks out may be totally different from another. And what is energizing and inspiring to one person may completely exhaust or irritate someone else.

“Coaching in their own image” understandably often happens by default. But the most effective coaches know their own behavior style. More importantly, they focus on how they need to adapt to meet the needs of different people on their team.

This webinar, in partnership with Training Industry, Inc., takes a closer look at four different Behavior Styles and provide tips for recognizing your own style and adapting to and coaching those with different styles. Co-hosted by our CEO, Mike Esterday, and Executive Partner Derek Roberts.

Understand your own Behavior Style and its impact on those who exhibit one of the other three styles. Learn how Behavior Styles can help managers understand their own biases. And discover why some may be less responsive and engaged or react in different ways to coaching discussions.

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