Your Customer Service Training is Sabotaging Your Sales Training

From July 2017. In partnership with The Sales Management Association.

Twenty years ago, it took a relatively long time to build a bad reputation. Today it can happen in seconds. And when it does, all the good will your salespeople have worked so hard to build up will be wasted. Without a consistent approach and mindset to bridge the gap between sales and service, your organization could be risking revenue, customer loyalty and even great salespeople, who won’t want to stick around when the relationships they’ve spent months developing are destroyed in an instant by a fumbled customer service issue.

Drawing on real-world examples, this webinar explored the cascading business impact of poor customer service as well as the reasons why traditional customer service training doesn’t usually solve the problem. The session also demonstrated a common process and approach to customer interactions that your sales and service teams can apply to create genuine relationships, build trust and increase wallet share, all while remaining true to who they are.

Listen to the webinar recording and you’ll learn:

  • The single worst thing you can do in customer service training.
  • How poor (or no) customer service training can substantially diminish sales training ROI.
  • How to align sales and service training around a customer-centric mindset and approach.
  • A values-based process that helps customer service reps relate and empathize with customers, even when they’re having a bad day.

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