Igniting Sales: Surprising New Insights About How Top -Performing Companies Build Strong Sales

From April 2017. This webinar, Igniting Sales: Surprising New Insights About How Top-Performing Companies Build Strong Sales, addressed the issue of further declining sales quota achievement- now below 50% in most organizations. The question is, why aren’t all the new processes, tools, apps, skills training and distributed learning filling that gap? A new study gives us some answers.

This highly interactive webinar in partnership with Training Industry, Inc. discussed what our recent study revealed about the traits and skills senior sales leaders say actually foster performance and success and the key factors enabling certain organizations to outperform others by a large margin. The surprising findings of this research (developed with with The Sales Management Association) will have you rethinking how you develop and generate productivity within your sales organization.

Key Takeaways:

Based on the research findings, you’ll learn:

  1. The two frequently overlooked capabilities that contribute to sustained sales success
  2. How industry leading sales organizations are rethinking their people investments to improve competitive win rates and engagement scores
  3. The one key shift you can make to significantly improve sales revenues and retention.

View the webinar recording.