Skill or Will? What New Data Reveal About Sales Success

From March 2017. Research is showing that quota achievement continues to decline and is now below 50% across most organizations.   If all of the new process tools, apps, skills training and distributed learning that organizations are providing is so good, why is this happening?  Our own Mike Esterday and Bruce Wedderburn shared the surprising new findings of research we conducted in partnership with The Sales Management Association that may get you to rethink how to generate productivity with your sales team:

  • The two frequently overlooked capabilities that latest research shows are the major contributors to sustained sales success.  How do you rate in these two critical areas?
  • How industry leading sales organizations are rethinking their people investments to impact competitive win rates and engagement scores.
  • The one key shift that you can make that the latest data says can lead to a 17% or more improvement in sales revenues.

Listen to the recording.


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