The Thanksgiving Salesperson

A century ago sales was mostly grunt work.  Sales people had little hope of achieving an equal or higher status than “professional” people.  Their tactics and motivations were often shocking and remained suspect to both client and employer who may have regarded their skills akin to magic.

Today, all that has changed.  Many companies recognize that amazing sales people have blended art and science into a repeatable and respectable process for growth.  Sales people are now closely tied to growth strategy.  Without sales, most companies would quickly die.  Without strong sales people fighting even harder in the economic downturn of the last five years alone, many companies would not have been able to avoid biting the dust.  Sales people became heroic.

Rightfully, in some corporate cultures, sales people are becoming the rock stars, carefully navigating ubiquitous waters of deal-making, even inventing new glue to hold deals together.  Sales people today are the wizards of win-win, the explorers of all benefits possible, the creators of new life in old products.  Sales people are the real architects of compromise, the surgeons of solutions and the professors of ROI.

Sales people are finally shining stars in the workplace.

On this high, in this important moment in sales history, the Thanksgiving sales person becomes cognizant of progress in their profession. The Thanksgiving sales person:

  • Achieves humility
  • Thanks their management for the opportunity to contribute
  • Recognizes others for all things great and small
  • Gives back at work and home
  • Goes the extra mile without being asked
  • Considers the fact that 80% of the world doesn’t have drinkable water
  • Recognizes that in Greece, South Africa, Spain and Nigeria, 1 in 3 people would be grateful for any job, especially one as good as a sales job in the US
  • Leaves every old relationship in a good place
  • Writes sincere thank you notes to clients
  • Solves client problems quickly and quietly
  • Thanks support staff for all they do
  • Thanks accounting and legal for their careful work and protection
  • Attracts top talent
  • Mentors new people
  • Remains positive during frustrating business travel moments
  • Works hard and fights hard to overcome obstacles
  • Sets goals and then sets higher ones

Sales people have so much to be thankful for this year and every year.

Now, get out there and let the world see that.

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