Ep 016 Unmasking and Defeating Assumptions That Harm Sales Organizations

Mistakes so often made by salespeople today are based on simple mistakes grounded in false assumptions and beliefs about people, selling and buying.

Technology alone can’t solve what ails the selling process in so many sales organizations. Mistakes so often made by salespeople today are based on simple mistakes grounded in false assumptions and beliefs about people, selling and buying. Our podcast interview with George Bronten, founder and CEO of Membrain and author of the new book ‘Stop Killing Deals’. Our conversation with George explores his thinking around sales training, motivation drive, the role of sales managers and the importance of sales coaching.

Key Assumptions About Sales Organizations Podcast Takeaways:

  • Three harmful assumptions about sales- (1) the notion of salespeople “being born.” (2) Salespeople should just do what they’re told to do. (3) The technology we make salespeople use was designed to make salespeople better.
  • Selling can be very different based on what you’re selling (complex or transactional).
  • The knowledge you need in one type of selling environment does not equal others.
  • Simplistic assumptions about salespeople having ‘inherent traits’ or just needing to follow directives and reach activity levels is contradictory to the belief of needing to train them.
  • You have to be good at coaching today to be a good sales manager.
  • Coaching is not a ‘quick fix’ and can be relegated in favor of short-term numbers. Coaching is helping someone grow- it’s a long-term effort and commitment. Leaders are often too short-sighted to let coaching really happen or just give it lip service.
  • Emotion is a prominent part of buying and selling.

Podcast Quotes from George Bronten:

“The CRM is great as the repository of information. But it hasn’t been very helpful.. It doesn’t guide salespeople in what to do. It doesn’t help the managers to coach. It doesn’t help integrate on processes very well.”

“The sales managers are given too little resources, too little focus. Too often the simple mistake being made is one of making your best salesperson into a manager without really understanding whether that person is well-suited to become a manager and perform through others-which is a big mindset shift.”

“I think coaching is the #1 task that a modern sales manager should be focusing on.”

“We think that selling causes buying but it doesn’t. Buying is a process that happens when someone needs to go from where they are today to some other future. And as sellers we need to be there to help individuals and companies get where they want to be. But too much in selling is focused on just telling everyone what we have, what we can do. We expect the buyer to draw the line between where they are and why they need to buy our stuff just by showing them a demo…”

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