Ep 017 Finding Sales Opportunity During Adverse Times

In adversity lies the most opportunity. Opportunities arise in challenges and how you approach incoming storms. If you can step in and be a problem solver for your customers, you move yourself from being a vendor to a trusted advisor.

As the current economic downturn shows signs of changing where and how we work, what’s it take to adjust and lean in to new ways of connecting with customers and leading teams? Integrity Solutions’ Mike Fisher checks in with fresh insights to deepen how to adjust to the new normal.

Integrity Solutions · Serving Customers and Leading Teams in the New Normal

See how finding sales opportunity during times of adversity requires shifting focus from selling, toward building connections with colleges and customers to set up future success.

For more on this topic, also check out our recent webinar, How Top Performers Deal with Crises: Be a Buffalo, Not a Cow.

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