Ep 001 Sales cultures grounded in ethics and integrity at Amica Insurance

Developing Values-Based Sales Cultures That Focus on Customer Centricity and Training the Whole Person

How do you develop sales cultures focused on training the whole person while supporting your mission? Can training include a specific focus on values, integrity, ethics and behaviors? This is an Integrity Solutions podcast interview with Keith Goryl, Director of Training and Development at Amica Mutual Insurance Company.

Key Sales Cultures Podcast Takeaways:

  • The mindset of sales and (customer) service having historically being two separate things has given way to sales cultures where the two are seen as one and the same.
  • Acting ethically in sales situations with customers is about not pushing products on customers that they don’t need. It’s going beyond the transactional, building rapport and establishing trust, making sure to ask the right questions to fully understand the customer’s needs and buying motives, and only then offering the right product(s) for them.
  • Selling is not just about developing and strengthening the technical and hard skills; it’s as much about developing the soft skills such as effective communication and focusing on the employees’ internalization of the sales process (view of selling, belief in product, etc.).
  • If you don’t have that belief in your company and your product(s) or yourself as a salesperson that’s going to come through in any customer conversation.
  • Coaching is a huge component of maintaining and fostering a sales culture. It drives engagement and builds partnerships between employees and supervisors, reinforces positive behaviors and addresses opportunities for improvement, creates goal clarity and eliminates bad habits.

Podcast Quotes from Keith Goryl:

“Our representatives now see selling as a way for us to create value for our customers. They’re of the mindset that if we don’t effectively sell to customers, if we don’t properly identify their needs, if we don’t offer the right products to meet those needs, then we’re doing a disservice to them.”

“When we implemented a formal sales training program we made sure that it reinforced our company’s values and culture.”

“Our mindset and out representatives are stressed with taking the amount of time required to meet with each individual customer- based on what their buying motives are, what their Behavior Styles are…It’s really about taking the time to understand who’s the person on the other end of the phone and then how do we best communicate with them so that we’re steering the conversation to make sure that it addresses any concerns or questions that they have.”

“From a hiring standpoint, we put a lot of time, a lot of effort into making sure we’re hiring the right person. We want to find the right person that really matches with our ideals and is going to help to exhibit that sales culture that we’ve worked so hard to foster.”

“The feedback we get from our employees that go through our sales training is fantastic. They really see it as an experiential process where they learn a lot about not just selling but about themselves as well.”

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