Changing Perceptions of Selling and Coaching

Improving sales performance or developing a sales coaching culture often begins at its root with changing the perceptions of selling and coaching themselves. Having confidence in and a positive view of sales increases confidence and internal motivation.  While embracing the role and value of coaching creates motivation to invest in and bring out the best in your people.  Our Executive Partner, Derek Roberts, offers perspectives.

Being misperceived by people- as a coach or salesperson- is pretty common. There are a couple ways to handle this. One is by telling people you’re in sales with confidence. What do you really believe selling to be? Salespeople must have a confident view of selling- as a noble profession that changes the world and offer solutions and answers that customers might otherwise not have. Having an internal drive to sell not because of personal outcomes but because, in doing so, you’re engaging customers with solutions for needs they were not even aware that they have and, in the end, outcomes they did not realize were possible.

Having the confidence and emotional intelligence to feel valuable is the same in sales coaching. Sales leaders have to be less inclined to worry about what people think of them and confidently embrace their role as a coach and demonstrating how you can grow and develop the salespeople on your team. The maturity that comes with responding to misperceptions comes from knowing the incredible value that sales coaching provides other people and a related internal drive to do it with consistency and excellence.

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