What’s Different About Integrity Solutions?

Does your team struggle to hit sales goals? You’re not alone…  Only 51% of salespeople across all industries made quota in 2017. What’s more: That number was more than 10% higher just a few years earlier.

Let’s face it. Great skills aren’t enough to succeed in a tough and increasingly virtual selling environment.

Maybe it’s time for a new approach, one that will engage and motivate your team to achieve more. A proven method that develops both skill and will. That’s where Integrity Solutions comes in.

For five decades, we’ve seen that teaching people how to sell isn’t enough to get results. We focus on helping people ignite their inner drive to achieve, which is the real amplifier of success. More than 2.5 million professionals have applied our values and ethics-based approach to sales, service, coaching and leadership

The numbers speak for themselves: Companies that effectively develop achievement drive in their salespeople rack up a 20% increase in sales. But only 26% of companies think they do a good job at it.

Our solution motivates people to sell by aligning their attitudes and beliefs, and by transforming sales leaders into committed coaches who bring out the best in their teams. It sparks the internal fire to go beyond self-imposed barriers that hold others back.

And that changes everything:
– They view selling and service as helping people and creating value for them.
– They connect to what they’re doing with integrity and a sense of purpose.
– They identify and eliminate behaviors that stifle their potential.
– They outperform, year after year.

Push beyond plateaus – let’s talk about how we can help you ignite the fire in your sales team.