Leveraging Blended Learning for Maximum Impact

One of the most important challenges you face is how to get the best, sustainable results from your sales training and related learning initiatives. Blended learning approaches — which combine a variety of delivery options, including face-to-face, video, mobile, assessments, gamification and more — can help you meet your training objectives by offering the richer, more personalized and social learning experiences that today’s learners expect.

In addition to effectively engaging learners and allowing you to track their progress, integrating technology into your training strategies gives you more flexibility and more opportunities to strengthen new behaviors and skills. Because time away from the field is always a concern, asynchronous and virtual instructor-led training (VILT) enable you to maximize time spent in the classroom while providing the reinforcement, practice and application that’s so critical for translating training concepts into impact back on the job.

As it relates to sales training and customer service training in particular, this kind of in-the-moment application is essential. The reality is, there’s often a huge difference between knowing what you should do and actually being able to do it. Especially when the pressure’s on — a critical sales call, an angry customer, an important team meeting — people tend to default to their long-established behaviors, habits and muscle memories. Getting out in the field and succeeding in the heat of the moment requires changing your behaviors and your belief in yourself, not just knowing more.

Continual Learning Deliver Long-Lasting Results

Learning is no longer tied to the classroom, and that’s the good news. For best results — for your business objectives and for your learners’ development — it should be a continual process that incorporates traditional face-to-face with virtual classroom/self-study and hands-on application. To make sure you get the outcomes you need, we combine technology with a powerful solution design that includes a unique behavior change process, repeated application in the field, follow-up and accountability.



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