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Product and service quality aren’t enough to build member loyalty. The credit unions that consistently create strong, trust-based member relationships—the kind that lead to next-level opportunities for growth—are those that:

  • Develop and support their employees’ confidence, competence and commitment to creating superior value for members
  • Make a needs-focused sales and service process integral to their culture

Align your culture to build the trust and value your members care about and the loyalty your credit union thrives on. The Member Advantage gives you a proven, needs-focused approach for developing consultative sales behaviors, instilling supportive leadership practices and creating an inner drive within your employees to achieve more than they ever thought possible—for themselves and for the members they serve.

  • Strengthen member relationships
  • Shift mindsets around service and selling
  • Maximize sales performance
  • Embrace accountability
  • Enhance leadership and coaching abilities
  • Align front-line and support staff around your culture
  • Discover next-level opportunities for growth

“We look to Integrity Solutions to be a catalyst in assisting us to deliver on our promises of internal and external excellence in culture, service execution, results orientation and human development. For more than five years, as a trusted partner Integrity Solutions has delivered on being such a catalyst. Our legacy of a strong “Service is Sales, Sales is Service” culture has been significantly enhanced through the assimilation of The Member Advantage for front-line staff as they communicate and connect with our cherished membership.”

– Chris O’Malley, Senior Vice President Branch and Support Operations / Chief Information Officer, iQ Credit Union

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