Integrity Selling Open Enrollment


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Accelerate your sales performance.

Integrity Solutions’ open enrollment version of the award-winning Integrity Selling® allows individual salespeople and small sales teams to fully experience this industry-leading program.

Integrity Selling is a comprehensive facilitator-led virtual sales training solution that has helped over 3 million sales and service professionals achieve improved sales performance, increased customer loyalty and professional growth. The program combines engaging digital learning, live facilitator-led instruction, as well as time-phased real-world application, reinforcement and coaching to elevate skills and results.


Through online social interaction, video-based learning, gamification and accountability activities—combined with facilitator-led workshops and coaching sessions—you’ll experience the latest developments in training. Participation in this highly interactive Integrity Selling program will give you:

  1. An agile, proven conversation framework (AID, Inc®) to help you confidently achieve better outcomes from every customer call.
  2. A Behavior Styles model to enable you to more effectively understand and align with each customer.
  3. Coaching on the attitudes and beliefs that will either accelerate or slow down your sales career.
  4. Improved confidence through eight weekly 60-minute sustainment sessions that emphasize reinforcement, coaching and real-world application.
  5. A flexible and simple questioning model to help you create higher levels of value for your customers and differentiate you from your competitors.


  • Digital pre-work (45 minutes)- social interaction combined with video, assessments and activities.
  • Introductory virtual Workshop – 2 x 3.5-hour sessions
    • October 6th and 7th, 10:00am – 1:30pm EDT
  • Small Group Sustainment Course – 8 x 1 hour weekly
    • Commencing October 12th, 12:00pm – 1:00pm EDT
  • Virtual ‘Graduation’ Ceremony (Tuesday, November 30th)

“Integrity Selling® was a game changer for me. My selling approach was just to pitch and describe my product to a customer. Now using the Integrity Selling® approach I’m much more focused on the customer and their challenges and needs. As a result my hit rate on cold calls has increased a lot. In fact one prospect (now a customer) said after we had a good conversation ‘this is one of the best calls that I’ve ever had’.”

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