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It all begins with understanding what it means to be a truly customer-focused. Provide the confidence and skills to truly solve problems and align attitudes, values, and beliefs for real behavior change.

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Customer-Focused Customer Service Training Programs

Exceptional customer service is not a function — it is a purpose, rooted in an understanding of what it means to be truly customer-focused. While many customer service training programs emphasize the technical and transactional aspects of the job, they overlook some of the most pivotal factors influencing the customer’s perception of service: mindset, motives and values.

Our customer service training builds more than just skills, because being customer-focused isn’t just about what you do; it’s also about your attitudes, values and beliefs. We help your team shift their focus from the job function to the job purpose, building the behaviors and confidence to be truly customer-focused.

Whether customers are internal or external, they’re looking for someone who will be their advocate and face service problems head on. Our holistic approach to customer service training builds a passion within your team to work together to serve their customers as problem-solvers driven by a genuine desire to uncover needs, be the customer’s advocate and build value for them. The result is a sustained increase in customer satisfaction scores and retention rates, along with a highly engaged team that takes pride in their work.

“Integrity Solutions is just what we needed for our frontline staff! They have gained the confidence they need to provide excellent customer service. They now realize that sales is service and service is sales! They take pride in their work and think of themselves as problem solvers.”

- Marcy Moser, Vice President First Dakota National Bank

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