Business Communication Training

Integrity Communication

Learn and teach your team the techniques for identifying needs, problem-solving, and building trust.

Integrity Communication® focuses on collaborative behaviors that foster productive and long-term partnerships with both internal and external customers. As business professionals face increasing time constraints, expanded responsibilities, and increasingly diverse, complex, and occasionally even contentious communication it helps people influence others to act.
Your Team Will Learn:

  • Strategies for collaborating effectively with a broad coalition of stakeholders
  • Tactics for building trust and rapport so associates are open to your suggestions
  • Techniques for recognizing and adapting to different communication preferences and behavior styles
  • Questioning methods for identifying and filling needs
  • Skills for expanding influence and gaining agreement
  • A simple framework for understanding and working through problems

Importance of values, ethics, and beliefs, aka INTEGRITY

How We Work With You

Manager Overview


Interactive 1-2 Day Workshop

8-Week Sustainment & Accountability Program

Ongoing Support and Coaching

What Makes Integrity Communication So Valuable?


A progressive framework for having a positive, productive dialogue


Highly interactive course dynamics


Values-driven dialogue to gain trust and achieve respected outcomes


Content may be customized to align with cultural norms


Workshop is reinforced with 8-week Sustainment and Accountability Plus Monthly Performance Accelerator Modules.


Participants learn the importance of providing value in every interaction

Benefits to Your Organization

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Increase in collaboration and organizational alignment

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Higher trust and transparency

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Greater employee retention due to job satisfaction

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Significant impact to the bottom line

86% of employees and executives surveyed by cited a lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures."

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