Integrity Service for Healthcare Leaders

Integrity Service for Healthcare Leaders is a developmental process that equips leaders with the knowledge and skills to create a culture where employees and patients are valued and treated with respect. In an industry with so many options available, customers will choose to do business where exceptional service is a priority. Integrity Service for Healthcare Leadership is dedicated to making that happen.

What Participants Learn:

  • The importance of modeling, supporting and rewarding positive, customer-focused behaviors
  • A supportive coaching philosophy and process that build confidence, competence, and ultimately, capability
  • Techniques for recognizing and adapting to different communication preferences and behavior styles
  • How attitudes, motives, and values affect service both internally and externally
  • Skills to gain trust and rapport with team members so that they are fully receptive to coaching
  • Ways to create and sustain a culture where employees feel valued and appreciated

How We Work With You

Pre and post Assessment

Interactive Half-day Workshop

6-Week Sustainment & Accountability Program

Supportive Coaching Strategies for Managers

24 Monthly Service Moments

Customer Service “Gamebox” with daily service reminders

What Makes Integrity Service for Healthcare Leaders So Impactful?


A simple communication model


Highly interactive course dynamics


Content may be customized for increased relevancy


Aligned coaching resources for managers

Benefits to Your Organization

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Noteworthy growth in cross-functional collaboration and alignment

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Higher employee engagement and retention

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Stronger relationships between managers and their people

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Significant improvements in teamwork

“The elegant simplicity of Integrity’s solutions makes them easy to use and coach.”

– Vice President of Sales, Global Pharmaceutical Company

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