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Skill and Will Coaching Playbook

Sales coaching drives performance. Let us show you how.

When we asked firms about their sales coaching,  76% of firms believed that sales coaching is a critical driver of success.  And yet the exact same percentage – 76% – say they didn’t coach enough or did too little coaching.   Only 46% felt they did coaching well.  But here’s the key statistic:  The revenue performance achievement gap between leading firms effective at coaching and lagging firms seen as ineffective at coaching was 15%.   What could you do with another 15% revenue?  

The reasons people shy away from coaching usually boil down to these three:

No consistent view of sales coaching

If you ask managers, “Are you coaching?” they may say yes or no—but yes or no to what? What’s their definition of coaching? Only a quarter of those surveyed have a common definition of coaching. Three quarters of the organizations leave it up to managers to figure out what coaching means. That’s a huge risk. 

‘No time’ for sales coaching

Time is the biggest reason managers say they don’t coach: “I’d love to coach, but I’m way too busy.” In some cases, a manager’s workload is definitely an obstacle. In other cases, managers may quietly hint that they lack the confidence, self-belief and skills to effectively coach, especially their most senior, successful salespeople. Spending time doing reporting and other management activities is much less risky and more in a manager’s comfort zone. “No time” becomes the respectable reason why coaching doesn’t happen. Ironically, coaching ultimately frees up managers’ time by providing sales teams with the motivation and confidence to handle new and varied situations. Smart managers invest time up front to yield massive dividends on the back-end.

No confidence in their sales coaching ability

55% of sales managers report that they’ve never had any training in coaching.

If your managers report any of these reasons for their lack of coaching, check out our Skill and Will Coaching Playbook!  It will give  you the SKILL to coach with integrity and nuance for different situations and different styles and the WILL to make coaching a natural habit. 

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Skill and Will Coaching is a developmental process that equips sales leaders with the knowledge and tools to improve performance by coaching to the attitudes and beliefs that most influence sales performance. This program provides guidelines for supporting Integrity Selling behaviors identified as best practices for your organization. Come prepared to analyze behaviors, including your own!

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What Participants Learn

  • Techniques for reinforcing the application of the AIDINC process
  • Ways to increase the commitment and effectiveness of pre-call planning
  • How to encourage team members to leverage Behaviors Styles in every sales interaction
  • Strategies for exploring the emotional side of selling, often overlooked by leaders
  • Strategies for clarifying attitudes and beliefs that influence sales success and coaching to these “internal” dimensions
  • The value of believing in others at a greater level than they believe in themselves
  • Coaching skills for enhancing best practice sales behaviors

What Makes the Skill & Will Playbook So Valuable?

  1. Customized Coaching Playbook – content may be customized to align with organizational best practices or current selling model
  2. Case Study application using “real-life” coaching challenges
  3. Workshop is reinforced with 4-week Sustainment and Accountability Program for real behavior change

Sales teams that arm their sales leaders with the Skill & Will Playbook to coach their sales team as they implement the Integrity Selling approach see:

  • An increase in result-producing attitudes and behaviors of salespeople
  • Demonstrable increase in sales professionals’ self-drive
  • Upward shift in performance and productivity
  • Significant positive impact on revenue

Sales Training and the so-called “soft stuff”…

What’s the most overlooked component of salesperson development and coaching – and one that helps top performers drive up to 20% more in sales performance?
Research we conducted in partnership with the Sales Management Association has a clear answer: increasing your sales force’s self-belief, motivation—and, specifically, the drive to achieve.

What do successful sales organizations do to continually stay ahead of the competition and drive more profitable growth? Our survey found that Achievement Drive contributes to a 20% increase in sales, but the vast majority of companies aren’t effective at developing it within their people. According to the respondents in our survey, the salesperson’s “Achievement Drive” is the key determinant of success, contributing as much or more to their performance than sales skills or product knowledge.

The Skill & Will Coaching Playbook is recommended as a sustainment approach for organizations who have implemented Integrity Selling.

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Comprehensive Sales Model Shapes Culture, Improves Sales Effectiveness
I’ve never found a follow-up program that provides the type of impact that the Integrity Selling program delivers.
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