Call Center Sales Training

In call centers, sales and service conversations that get ‘below the surface’ to discover what might be the root cause of real customer concerns are often rare. They shouldn’t be. If your call center agents have a product-focused, transactional mindset, spend more time talking than listening or treat all your customers (and their problems) the same, then it’s time to make a change.

Deliver Meaningful Value in Every Customer Conversation

Integrity Selling for Call Centers delivers strategies, tools and techniques designed to ensure a continuous, mutual exchange of value with your customers by adopting a positive mindset about service and selling and viewing them as one and the same. Participants learn tips for recognizing clues and communicating with different Behavior Styles®, connecting with customers and building rapport faster, and creating the listening skills to uncover additional needs and opportunities.

Your call center agents will learn how to ask genuinely sincere, open-ended questions to build trust — and get your customers talking — as well as strategies for moving the sales process forward by gaining commitment on every call.

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The reality is, your contact center’s success still hinges on the quality of the conversations your agents have with your customers. 

Customers should view your call center agents as problem solvers and partners in their success. When they do, they’ll have greater loyalty and seek you out for additional needs. You’ll develop a reputation for integrity and a brand that truly puts customers first. A great sales and service culture with high engagement will attract and retain high performers and solve that ever-persistent employee retention problem that call centers often face. 

Integrity Selling Call Center Sales Training

Improving the Human Touch in Customer Conversations

Too often, call center agents miss important customer cues about needs they have. Focusing too much on AI and technology in call center sales training could end up driving your call center agents even further away from making the kind of human-to-human connections that create long-term loyal customers. Agents who are able to pick up on cues that reveal deeper needs and who have that “human touch” will create differentiating value for your customers — and your contact center. 

Technology is a given in contact centers today. But on its own, it’s not going to solve some of the most critical challenges contact center leaders are facing. That’s where Integrity Selling for Call Centers comes in. 

Client success

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“Integrity Selling has increased our overall member experience with our insurance team. Now every interaction a member has is with an employee that intently listens, focuses, and responds to the customer while keeping the members’ best interests in mind. This has not only improved our overall member satisfaction, but has also increased our product and account penetration into each member household further helping our agency live out our own motto ‘3 is the Key.’” –

Stephen Simmons, Manager of Direct Sales, AAA Carolinas

For over 20 years, Integrity Solutions has helped groom a sales culture grounded in values, ethics and integrity at Amica Insurance. They created a culture where sales and customer service are now one and the same and come together to create more value for customers.

  • Measurable reduction in customer turnover
  • Increased differentiation through value-based service and sales experience

The Omaha Public Power District developed a successful call center in a unionized work environment. They increased engagement and morale, developed behaviors that helped them achieve better results, and developed a values-based approach to working with customers. 

A 150% increase in call center sales

Take your training further

Exclusively for those that have already experienced Integrity Selling® for Call Centers and want to continue to sharpen their skills and keep the Integrity Solutions core concepts front-of-mind within their daily workflow and without losing valuable time with customers. Asynchronous, self-paced sustainment modules and tools that deepen learning and speed results. 

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Move your call center agents away from scripts and toward needs-based customer conversations.

Investing in call center sales training is an investment in your customers. 

Let’s talk about how.