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Healthcare Sales Training

Industries across healthcare – from pharmaceuticals, to medical devices & diagnostics, to everything in between – are constantly rocked by change.   The ‘drop-in’ sales culture of the past has been significantly hindered by the pandemic.  Integrity Selling for Healthcare is designed specifically for the success of sales reps by focusing on ethical sales behaviors that forge productive, long-term, clinical and non-clinical partnerships.

Program Overview

Our customized healthcare sales training and coaching gives you a proven, value-driven approach to:

  • Develop consultative sales behaviors
  • Adapt to the needs of different influencers
  • Instill the self-belief to step up to new realities
  • Deliver the value that matters most to each stakeholder

Based on our flagship sales training program, Integrity Selling, and highly customized to the healthcare industry, this program balances the three essential components to sales success:


Building selling skills with a focus on deeply understanding your customers and developing trusted relationships that influence and advance buying decisions


Bolstering achievement drive and self-belief by strengthening the positive attitudes and emotional factors that drive high-achievement


Fostering a value-driven sales process that establishes trust and connects to the customer’s underlying needs ensures the shift to solution selling really happens. It puts the focus on delivering the value that matters to your customers—keeping deals moving forward and keeping your customers coming back.

Healthcare Sales Training from Integrity Solutions

Healthcare Sales Training

The Integrity Selling Healthcare Sales Training Program is specifically for healthcare sales professionals to develop successful sales techniques and behaviors.   In this program, participants:

  • Get a thorough understanding of the healthcare business environment.
  • Learn the skills, behaviors and mindset to engage in strategic, value-filled conversations with diverse healthcare stakeholders.
  • Build the confidence, competence and commitment to excel in a complex, constantly changing sales environment. 
  • Build strong values- and ethics-based culture.
  • Learn to sell economic as well as clinical value.
  • Maximize sales performance.
  • Create strategic partnerships in the healthcare industry that open the door for more opportunities.
  • Enhance their own leadership and coaching abilities.


Integrity Selling Healthcare Sales Training Program is so effective because it provides:

Sales training with learning dynamics that impact attitudes and beliefs plus skills

A medical sales training model easily applied with clinical and non-clinical customers

A GAP Analysis process that challenges customers to think differently

Strategies to identify and sell to different Behavior Styles®

A sustainment process that transfers knowledge into new behaviors

Coaching resources and materials for cultural alignment


This is a customized program – not only to your specific industry, but to your personal and organizational challenges.  So, that’s where we start – with a complete diagnosis of the challenges facing your reps.   From there, we provide your managers with an overview of the program so that they can support and reinforce key concepts of the program.  The dynamic, interactive program is delivered over one to two days to enhance selling skills.  Following the workshop, reps enter an 8 week program in which they are held accountable to apply the learning to their job.  Monthly accelerator modules are also available.  


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“The thing I appreciate most about Integrity Selling® is that it is relevant and easily applied across all our business units. Having a common language has increased collaboration and teamwork.”

Executive Sales Director Fortune 500 Diagnostics Company
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“After four years of flat sales and no new products, Integrity Selling® helped us achieve a 20% increase in sales.”

Vice President of Sales, Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Force
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“The investment we have made is paying huge dividends in shaping a performance-driven culture – where people are motivated and engaged to perform at their highest their potential.”

VP Sales, Medical Device Company
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“I have been through countless selling models in my career. By far, Integrity Selling® is the single most relevant and easily applied for selling in healthcare today.”

Senior Director of Training, Specialty Biopharma Company