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Professional Services Sales Training

In Professional Services, it’s not just those in sales who are selling.

Selling in professional services is a completely unique challenge. 

  • It is often a completely intangible sale (and, to top it off, it’s often done virtually!)
  • Rate alone no longer wins.
  • The sales conversation must lead with insights to shift the dialogue from product-based to client-centric. 
  • Professional services firms often focus on account management and gaining deeper penetration within accounts.  However, they face heavy competition from smaller, more nimble competitors and must also seek to create new accounts to maintain market share.  
  •  Further, many in service delivery also have to sell.  For those with a negative view of sales, this could really be a struggle. 

For those reasons, we have found Integrity Selling® to be a timely and effective solution for Professional Services teams looking to continue to grow their top line while also delivering their service with top notch quality.  

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What is iNtegrity Selling®?

Integrity Selling® is a comprehensive sales training solution, grounded in strong values and ethics, that simultaneously elevates the two essential components to sales success:

  1. Selling Skills: the ability to understand, influence and advance buying decisions.
  2. Attitude, motivation and self-belief: the emotional factors that drive high-achievement.

Through online social interaction, video-based learning, gamification and accountability, the program leverages the latest developments in cloud-based digital learning. Combined with Integrity Solutions’ facilitator-led behavior-change process, the program will dramatically boost your team’s performance and results.

Why Integrity Selling® For Professional Services?

  1. Sales training with learning dynamics that impact attitudes and beliefs plus skills.  
  2. For those who are reluctant to see themselves as “in sales,” we provide attitude-shifting models to think differently about sales and the value they provide.  
  3. A GAP analysis process that challenges customers to think differently.
  4. Strategies to identify and sell to different Behavior Styles®, improving dialogues with buyers and influencers
  5. A sustainment process that transfers knowledge into new behaviors
  6. Coaching materials and resources for cultural alignment 
  7. Planning strategies to prepare – and anticipate – questions
  8. Techniques designed to drive favorable outcomes by shifting from a transaction or product-based mindset to a customer-focused mindset
  9. How to translate product and service features into benefits for different decision makers

Organizations see several benefits from Integrity Selling, including a significant impact to the top line through increased sales and decreased call reluctance, as well as increase in bottom line through improved employee retention.  


Our process for working with you is straightforward:

First, in the Diagnosis phase, we understand your individual and organizational challenges.

Then, we provide your managers with an overview of the program and insights on how they can support and reinforce the learning.

Online pre-work will prime learners to understand key principles and skills.

The 1-2 day workshop to enhance selling skills is quite interactive.

Following the workshop is an 8 week sustainment & accountability program to engrain the learning.

Monthly accelerator modules are available for further embed the learning.

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