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Patient-Centric Healthcare Customer Service Training Programs

The people who provide exceptional service in today’s complex healthcare environment have more than just great skills and scripts. They have purpose. They understand what it means to truly be customer-focused. Especially with broader coalitions of stakeholders now involved in healthcare decisions, your teams are dealing with a variety of patient representatives and customers, each with their own specific priorities and preferences. It takes the right attitudes, beliefs and values to adapt to this changing world. Through Integrity Service® Healthcare customer service training, we’ll help your team build the confidence, mindset and inner motivation to deliver superior service every day, with every interaction.

Healthcare Sales Training from Integrity Solutions

Increase patient loyalty and long-term growth

When your team is driven by values and a purpose they believe in, it changes how they behave. They think differently about their role and how they can create more value for patients, family members, practitioners and co-workers. When they’re given responsibility for the results of their efforts, they’re motivated to  truly understand, empathize and work through problems with others. And their patients and customers notice. It leads to stronger loyalty and trust, which is essential for long-term growth in today’s healthcare industry.


Integrity Service® for Healthcare is a comprehensive process designed to help healthcare employees understand what it means to be a truly patient-centered, customer-focused organization. Integrity Service participants are better able to identify and serve internal and external customers, focus on their job purpose versus job function and understand how attitudes, motives and values influence the perception of service.

By focusing on attitudes, values and beliefs, our holistic approach to customer service training helps your healthcare employees build the mindset, behaviors and confidence to maximize every interaction and build strong patient relationships. 

We develop teams that are passionate about working together to serve patients, their family members and each other, driven by a genuine desire to uncover needs, solve problems and create value. The result is a sustained increase in patient satisfaction scores, along with a highly engaged team that takes pride in their work.

Healthcare customer service teams learn: 

  • Tactics for building trust and respect so patients are open to your suggestions
  • Techniques for recognizing and adapting to different communication preferences and behavior styles
  • Questioning and listening methods for identifying and filling needs
  • The importance of conveying a sincere desire to assist with any follow-up or future needs
  • A simple framework for understanding, empathizing and working through problems with both co-workers and customers
  • The value of a positive attitude when interacting with customers, patients, and co-workers
  • A simple smile and a genuine desire to serve goes a long way toward earning a patient’s trust

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Integrity Service healthcare customer service training


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