Skill and Will Coaching Playbook

Skill and Will Coaching is a developmental process that equips sales leaders with the knowledge and tools to improve performance by coaching to the attitudes and beliefs that most influence sales performance. This program provides guidelines for supporting Integrity Selling behaviors identified as best practices for your organization. Come prepared to analyze behaviors, including your own!

What Participants Learn:

  • Techniques for reinforcing the application of the AID, Inc. process
  • Ways to increase the commitment and effectiveness of pre-call planning
  • How to encourage team members to leverage Behaviors Styles in every sales interaction
  • Strategies for exploring the emotional side of selling, often overlooked by leaders
  • Strategies for clarifying attitudes and beliefs that influence sales success and coaching to these “internal” dimensions
  • The value of believing in others at a greater level than they believe in themselves
  • Coaching skills for enhancing best practice sales behaviors

How We Work With You

Diagnosis of Sales Performance Factors

Interactive One-Day Workshop

4-Week Sustainment & Accountability Program

Coaching Conversations

What Makes the Skill and Will Coaching Playbook So Valuable?


Customized Coaching Playbook


Case Study application using “real-life” coaching challenges


Content may be customized to align with organizational best practices or current selling model


Workshop is reinforced with 4-week Sustainment and Accountability Program for Real behavior Change

Benefits to Your Organization

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Increase in result-producing attitudes and behaviors of sale people

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Demonstrable increase in sales professionals’ self-drive

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Upward shift in performance and productivity

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Significant impact to revenue

“My dad gave me a copy of Integrity Selling in 1993 and I have used the concepts daily during my 20+ years with Enterprise. When we were introduced to Integrity Coaching it was clear that our people and our business would benefit if we could integrate ‘coaching’ into our culture. The decision to work with Integrity was easy because they provide leadership development that matches our culture and our needs.”

- Steve Durham, AVP of Enterprise Car Sales

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