Integrity Selling for Call Centers

Call Centers are overcoming their outdated stigma of being cost drains, and instead embrace their new role as the company’s front line and emerging profit creator. Integrity Selling for Call Centers focuses on the critical skills and ethical sales behaviors designed to forge true customer loyalty.

What Participants Learn

  • Call Planning strategies and tools
  • Techniques designed to ensure a mutual exchange of value by adapting a positive mindset about service and selling
  • Tips for recognizing clues and communicating with different Behavior Styles
  • Ways to connect with customers to find common ground and build rapport
  • Skills for listening for additional opportunities
  • How to ask genuinely sincere, open-ended questions to build trust — and get the customer talking
  • Strategies for moving the sales process forward by gaining commitment on every call
  • Importance of values, ethics, and beliefs, aka INTEGRITY

How We Work With You

Manager Overview


Interactive 1-2 Day Workshop

8-Week Sustainment and Accountability Program

Monthly Performance Accelerator Modules

What Makes Integrity Selling for Call Centers So Impactful?


Easily adaptable service and selling process with a common language


Effective hesitation management by building confidence and belief in abilities


Highly interactive course dynamics


Content customized to increase relevancy


Workshopis reinforced with 8-Week Accountability and Sustainment Program Plus Monthly Performance Accelerator Modules

Benefits to Your Organization

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Greater Profitability

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Improved employee engagement and retention

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Longer-lasting Customer Relationships

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Shorter Sales Cycles

Integrity Selling has increased our overall member experience with our insurance team. Now every interaction a member has is with an employee that intently listens, focuses, and responds to the customer while keeping the members’ best interests in mind. This has not only improved our overall member satisfaction, but has also increased our product and account penetration into each member household further helping our agency live out our own motto ‘3 is the Key’”.

– Stephen Simmons, Manager of Direct Sales, AAA Carolinas

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