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The Member Advantage

Today it is a given that Credit Unions must have product and service quality to survive. But it’s not enough to thrive. The Member Advantage® (TMA) develops the skills and behaviors to create value beyond product and service offerings to attain true member loyalty.

Redefine 'Selling' for Credit Unions

What Participants Learn:

  • The value of loyal members and the impact that a team member’s actions can have to assure continued trust and business
  • Strategies for enhancing team members’ ability and commitment to create superior member value
  • Techniques designed to ensure a mutual exchange of value by adapting a positive mindset about service and selling
  • How to ask genuinely sincere, open-ended questions to reveal member needs, wants and concerns- and earn their trust
  • Skills for listening for additional opportunities
  • Demonstrate member benefits in a way that is personally rewarding to them
  • Simple process for working through concerns to arrive at win-win outcomes
  • Importance of values, ethics, and beliefs, aka INTEGRITY

How We Work With You

Managers Overview


Interactive 1-2 Day Workshop

8-Week Sustainment and Accountability Program

Ongoing Coaching and Support

What Makes The Member Advantage So Impactful for Credit Unions?


Easily adaptable service and selling process with a common language


Highly interactive course dynamics


Content customized for increased relevancy


Aligned coaching resources for managers

Benefits to Your Organization

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Increases in sales and asset growth

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Increased employee engagement and lower turnover

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Stronger member relationships

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Aligned front-line and support staff

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Embrace accountability

“Exceptional engagement is a primary driver of what we do every day; it's members first with everything. We wanted a program that neared that, that was consultative in nature. We interviewed several programs in the market and found that Integrity most aligned with what we were trying to accomplish and, even more importantly, with our core values.”

– Christopher Groshco, Assistant Vice President Sales & Service, State Employees Credit Union of Maryland

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