Bridge the gap between service and sales

Customer Service

Get a competitive advantage by teaching your service team how to guide customers to additional purchases by creating the critical roles of answering questions and problem-solving.

Integrity Selling for Service Professionals® (ISSP) bridges the gap between service and sales. In addition to the critical role of answering questions and solving problems, customer service professionals are often tasked with recognizing selling opportunities. By strategically guiding the customer to additional purchases, a skillful customer service associate offers further value that will set you apart from competitors.

What Participants Learn

  • How to adopt a “service to sales” mentality that makes work—and the customer experience — rewarding
  • The difference between satisfied and loyal customers
  • Strategies for approaching people to build rapport and loyalty
  • Techniques for recognizing and adapting to different behavior styles
  • The value of active listening and asking questions to determine customer needs and concerns
  • How to translate product and service features into benefits
  • Beliefs about selling that support the consistent application of positive, customer-focused behaviors
  • Importance of values, ethics, and beliefs, aka INTEGRITY

How We Work With You

Manager Overview

Interactive One-Day Workshop

7-Week Sustainment & Accountability Program

6 Monthly Performance Accelerator Modules

Manager’s Coaching Component

What Makes ISSP so Impactful?


Easily adaptable service and selling process with a common language


Highly interactive course dynamics


Content may be customized based on organization or industry


Workshop is reinforced with 7-Week Sustainment and Accountability Program and Monthly Performance Accelerator Modules


Participants learn the need for ethical behavior in forging long-term customer relationships

Benefits to Your Organization

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Stellar increase in service professionals’ impact on sales

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Improved employee engagement and retention

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Decrease in sales hesitation

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Significant impact to the top line

“Integrity Solutions is just what we needed for our frontline staff! They have gained the confidence they need to provide excellent customer service. They now realize that sales is service and service is sales! They take pride in their work and think of themselves as problem solvers.”

- Marcy Moser, Vice President First Dakota National Bank

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There's a Big Difference Between Satisfied Customers and LOYAL Customers The Quality of your Customer Service is What Drives Loyalty

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