Healthcare Sales Training

Integrity Selling for Healthcare Sales Teams

The new normal of Healthcare sales requires fresh and distinctive sales skills and behaviors, and value-filled conversations with varied stakeholders. Integrity Selling focuses on the skills and ethical sales behaviors designed to forge productive and long-term clinical and non-clinical partnerships. In an industry undergoing unprecedented revolutions for both suppliers and providers, sales professionals must up their game.

Healthcare Sales Training Programs Include

  • Techniques designed to drive favorable outcomes by changing the mindset of medical device sales executives from supplier to strategic partnership
  • Value of asking thought-provoking questions designed to reveal specific customer needs.
  • New ways to frame products and sell value
  • Selling techniques designed to appeal to varied audiences, from physicians, to Value Analysis Committees, to Hospital management.
  • Ways to maximize selling opportunities in spite of decreased access and limited time
  • Effective methods for building trust, thereby ensuring long-term professional partnerships
  • Importance of values, ethics, and beliefs, aka INTEGRITY

How We Work With You

Manager Overview

Interactive 1-2 Day Workshop

8-Week Sustainment and Accountability Program

Supportive Coaching

Advanced Application Modules

What Makes Integrity Selling So Impactful?


A flexible process for having an organized, sales conversation


Highly interactive course dynamics


Content may be customized based on existing sales strategies


Reinforced with 8-Week Sustainment and Accountability plus Monthly Performance Accelerator Modules.


Participants learn the value of thoughtful, ethical behavior in professional situations, vs. the value of quick and easy sale

Benefits to Your Organization

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Increase in productivity and sales performance

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Improved employee engagement and retention

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Strengthened customer loyalty

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Significant impact on the top line

Reps are getting more time and having deeper conversation with their customers because they are asking better questions.”

– Regional Manager, Midsized Pharmaceutical Company

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The Healthcare Industry is Experiencing Unprecedented Change We'll Help You Keep Pace

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