Strategic Account Management

Navigating the Complex Sale

Navigating the Complex Sale® provides sales executives with the tools needed to confidently and skillfully manage strategic accounts in which multiple and diverse personalities are involved in the decision making process. At the core of Navigating the Complex Sale is Integrity Selling.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Use Account Mapping for optimal time management
  • Clarify the decision making process and identify the key decision makers
  • Use a simple 5-step process to effectively strategize and prioritize accounts
  • Analyze different buying objectives and establish effective sales plans
  • Address objections and capitalize on strengths to achieve sales goals
  • Advance key stakeholders to higher levels of trusting, mutually-rewarding partnerships
  • Importance of values, ethics, and beliefs, aka INTEGRITY

How we work with you

Manager overview

Pre-work with target accounts

Interactive 1-2 Day Workshop

4 Monthly Account Development Sessions

Supportive Coaching

What Makes Navigating the Complex Sale So Valuable?


Content customized for relevancy


Pre-work with target accounts


Managers prepared to facilitate, model and coach


Highly interactive learning dynamics


Groups develop best practices specific to your business


Structured sustainment and accountability program ensures application in key accounts

Benefits to your organization

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Call Effectiveness

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Efficient Use of Time

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Customer Relationships

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Closing Ratios

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Sales Cycle

"The team is more focused, organized and purposeful in their approach and interactions with their accounts. They also recognize their short comings and are working to improve them. I’m extremely pleased."

Mike Miners, Business Banking Manager, TSB Bank New Zealand

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Your Team Needs Practical Tools and Strategies To Deal With Multiple Stakeholders Who Influence Buying Decisions

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