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Virtual Selling With Integrity

With challenges such as staying motivated and focused despite isolation and work-from-home distractions, dealing with technical issues, and multitasking during online meetings, virtual selling demands a higher level of sales expertise.

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Proven Sales Training For Virtual Sales Teams

Successfully selling virtually doesn’t depend solely on product knowledge or selling skills. Your beliefs and mindset are often more influential. Ramping up technical skills are important, but they’re only a small part of what it takes to sell successfully in a virtual environment.

Virtual Selling With Integrity® is a comprehensive sales training solution, grounded in strong values and ethics, based on four fundamental principles:

  1. The Right Mindset: Help people shift their view of selling virtually, expand their view of abilities and increase their commitment to virtual selling activities.
  2. The Right Preparation: Thorough research (of individuals and organizations), detailed pre-call planning best practices.
  3. The Right Use of Technology: Master the use of technology tools, understand how to virtually demonstrate offerings, and anticipate unforeseen challenges.
  4. The Right Conversations: Connecting with people based on their Behavior Style®, clear statements of intent, asking high-impact questions and focus on fundamentals of effective communication.

Learning Virtual Sales With Integrity

Selling in any form- whether you are selling face-to-face or virtually- is about identifying needs, filling needs and creating value. You need to learn new skills to secure virtual appointments and demonstrate the value of your products through the use of technology. You must have a willingness to build on the skills that have made you successful in the past. Virtual Selling With Integrity® is much more than an event- and it's customized to meet your specific needs.

Field survey and Pre-Work

Interactive Virtual Workshop

4 Reinforcement Modules

Reference Guide and Team Practice Guide

Using Zoom (and other platform) Tips

Coaching Tips

Objectives For Successful Virtual Sales Performance


Mindset: Build Belief in Ability to Conduct Virtual Sales Calls


Enhance preparation skills


Increase Confidence and Skills in Using Technology


Strengthen Effectiveness of Virtual Sales Conversations

Benefits of Virtual Selling

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Less Travel

See More Customers Each Day

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More time

For Pre-call Planning and Research

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Gain Rapport

Build Trust

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Effectiveness of Sales Conversations

“The Integrity Selling Model provides value and enthusiasm for the following reasons: First, it’s a realistic, detailed and customer-focused approach that allows you to be yourself while having a conversation with the customer. Second, it unifies all Quest lines of business to one language. Finally, it’s a model that world-class sales organizations provide for their sales forces.”

– Frank Turucz, Executive Sales Director, Quest Diagnostics

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