Create Achievement Drive

X-Factor Selling

Exhibit the attitude, motives, beliefs, and values that create a drive for achievement to multiply sales power.

It’s important to identify the X-Factor in selling, the one that enables you to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

What Participants Learn:

  • Customer-driven sales behaviors and the importance of understanding needs
  • By focusing on honesty, truth and respect, you can ignite that fire in the belly that will make you a superstar in your field
  • An understanding that you are not just a salesperson, but a problem solver and a creator of value
  • Importance of stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Effective hesitation management by building confidence and belief in abilities
  • The role of coaching to enhance performance
  • Effective methods for building trust, thereby ensuring productive relationships
  • Importance of values, ethics, and beliefs, aka INTEGRITY

How we work with you

Coaching and Sales Assessment

1-Day Workshop

Monthly Performance Accelerator Modules

What Makes X-Factor in Selling so Powerful?


Diagnostic tools and team problem solving to examine the barriers that may prevent sales professionals from achieving their full potential


Highly interactive course dynamics

Benefits to Your Organization

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Increase in sales performance (superheroes have that effect!)

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Decrease in call reluctance

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Strengthened relationships among sales teams

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Significant impact on the bottom line

“I have been involved in many training sessions throughout my career but never have I found a greater ROI than Integrity Solutions. It is a common-sense approach based on building relationships and adding value rather than product pushing. Integrity Solutions will be a strategic partner of our organization from this point forward because it is a natural fit with our culture and core values.”

- Angie Simpson, Vice President of Human Resources, Countybank

Our insights

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