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en in sales shouldn’t be a new concept. But why today is there still a sizeable gender gap in sales and sales leadership?

The data is very clear. Blended, gender diverse sales teams are more powerful, more relatable, and they bring higher revenues and bigger profits. 

So what’s the hold up? Sales is a helping profession.

Our guest for this episode is Lori Richardson, the Founder of Score More Sales and a passionate champion for #WomenInSales. She’s an author, in-demand speaker, and a popular sales coach at Harvard Business School. Lori also serves on the advisory board of the Sales Education Foundation, where she seeks to destroy old misconceptions about our industry.

Don’t miss an engaging conversation where we discuss:

  • Women in sales and what sets them apart 
  • The future of women in sales 
  • The company cultures that attract- and detract from- women in sales
  • What else brands can do to attract, develop and retain top female talent

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Remote work has increased the accessibility of sales roles, but Lori still encounters all-male teams all the time. This is backed up by the fact that during the pandemic, many women had to leave the field to stay closer to home or become full-time caregivers.

Yet women are also the majority of college undergraduates now.

Many companies still haven’t yet realized that female sales pros bring a lot to the table, such as empathy, coachability, and a deep motivation to succeed. 

Lori believes diversity builds strength, which leads to higher revenues.

Customers want to buy from brands that reflect their beliefs, values and cultures— and companies lagging behind the times and lacking diversity will be on their way out and see their customers take their money elsewhere to more inclusive brands. 

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