90% of our decisions are shaped by our emotions. For salespeople, this means that if you’re not connecting with people on an emotional level, you’re missing out. Effective communication is at the heart of sales effectiveness. It goes beyond words on a page or messaging we can recite. It’s about the ability to truly understand others, create emotional connections, ask great questions, and check for understanding before moving forward.

In this conversation, communication expert Johnny Walker shares with Will how to harness the power of effective communication to boost sales performance. As the Founder and President of Character Inc. and a longtime training facilitator with Integrity Solutions, Johnny’s expertise in sales communication centers around understanding others in the pursuit of improved, lasting relationships and increased sales.

Listen to hear Johnny share how to tap into your natural curiosity, craft questions that foster connection, and truly understand your customers’ needs.

In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to craft thoughtful questions
  • How to build stronger emotional connections with buyers
  • How to listen more effectively and respond in ways that help people feel understood

What to listen for:

  • [03:30] The importance of fostering emotional connections with customers and colleagues
  • [08:00] Using different communication styles
  • [17:00] Busting the myth that salespeople need to carry the conversation
  • [22:00] The power of expressing genuine interest in others
  • [29:00] Addressing the cost of inaction
  • [38:00] Improving meetings to facilitate understanding

A genuine desire to understand what customers need is a game-changer. Tapping into your natural curiosity may be what makes or breaks your success as a salesperson (and sales leader).

For more of Johnny’s insights and tips on truly understanding your customers’ needs and goals & developing lasting relationships, tune into this latest episode of Mental Selling.

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