Thriving isn’t about being great at everything. It’s about being in tune with and embracing what you’re naturally good at. When you align your role and what’s expected of you with your strengths, it allows you to navigate challenges with resilience, maintain healthy levels of accountability and pave the way for a productive and fulfilling career in sales.

Salespeople face an array of daily challenges and demands from customers and their managers. Without actively tapping into and managing their personal strengths, their own well-being, resiliency and even role clarity, the themes of fatigue and burnout will end up at their doorsteps. What do salespeople need to do for themselves? And how do they advocate for the help they need from those around them?

Jaclynn Robinson, Senior Workplace Consultant, Executive Coach and Psychologist with Gallup, joins Mental Selling to discuss the challenges salespeople face in maintaining their well-being and performance. She explains the importance of self-awareness to help recognize and avoid burnout. Join us as she shares insights on how salespeople can lean into their strengths, build resilience and thrive in sales more than ever before.

In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage innate, natural talents to succeed and thrive in sales
  • Aligning your role with your strengths- and gaining better role clarity
  • How a salesperson advocates for the help and support they need- and when to take charge themselves
  • The importance of self-awareness, self-care and ways to recognize and prevent burnout
  • Why actively managing your priorities, commitments and accountability is critical to maintaining well-being and success

What to listen for:

  • [1:40]- Contributing factors to burnout in sales and the workplace
  • [3:20]- Thriving and preventing your bucket from being empty
  • [05:20] – Identifying your natural strengths and talents as a salesperson
  • [07:25] – Managing your commitments and the risks of “always being on”
  • [9:50]- Identifying how your talents can support you- but also drain you
  • [11:50]- the line between responsibility & dependability and overcapacity
  • [13:40]- Values alignment and why they matter to our well-being
  • [16:27] – Focusing on strengths-based development for greater fulfillment
  • [19:00]- The power of teams in sales success and greater personal fulfillment
  • [22:25] – The importance of self-awareness, open communication, role clarity & purpose
  • [25:00]- The impact of coaching conversations on role clarity, priorities and purpose
  • [28:36]- Resilience, healthy accountability and how to fuel your well-being during hectic times

“What do I do really well, and how can I shine?”

This is the question everyone in sales needs to ask themselves. Why?

Because our work becomes more than just a job when roles and responsibilities are tailored to our natural strengths and talents. Hear Jaclynn discuss the impact of Strengths-Based Development and healthy levels of accountability in achieving outstanding success in sales.

To learn how to achieve better balance in our careers through recognizing and leaning into our strengths and getting clear on our priorities and values, hear more of Will’s discussion with Jaclynn in this episode of Mental Selling. 🎧

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