Technology often takes center stage in today’s world, and it’s important to remember the human connection in sales. We need to find a balance between providing information and understanding our customers’ needs because knowing is better than telling. By listening to our customers and truly understanding their needs, we can provide better solutions and build stronger relationships.

In this episode, John Crowder emphasizes the concept of listening to understand in sales, building trust with customers, adopting a problem-solving mindset, and empowering sales professionals to take ownership of their interactions with clients. John points out that to have better outcomes in sales, sales professionals must take the time to truly understand their customers’ needs and concerns so they can offer more tailored solutions to them. By actively listening, asking the right questions, and building trust, sales professionals can better meet their customers’ needs and achieve success in their sales endeavors.


In this Mental Selling episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of active listening in understanding customer needs and concerns to provide tailored solutions.
  • How adopting a problem-solving mindset enables sales professionals to identify and understand the specific pain points or challenges faced by their customers.
  • The need for balancing technology and human interaction in helping sales professionals leverage data insights while maintaining authenticity, empathy, and rapport with customers.

What to listen for:

  • [00:00] Introducing Mental Selling
  • [01:56] Moving Beyond the Tell-Sell Paradigm
  • [06:36] Value Trumps Access
  • [09:15] Listening To Understand
  • [13:44] The Neuroscience of Selling
  • [21:17] Mitigating Risk and Fear in Sales
  • [24:11] The Art of Consultative Selling
  • [28:05] Shifting Accountability

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