In healthcare sales, changing a healthcare provider’s prescribing habits and changing the way they practice medicine are two very different skillsets. It requires ability to be consultative, to understand, and have deep dialogues about how you can bring about change and advance patient outcomes (and what it’s going to cost you if you don’t).

When people come into medical device or pharmaceutical sales and believe that selling is talking about their product, sales training hinges on giving them product information; it emboldens their belief system that they want to talk more about their products.

Our John Crowder was the featured guest on this episode of The Medical Sales Podcast hosted by Samuel Adeyinka. Listen to the full discussion here. Together they explore legacy beliefs that medical sales is “about me talking and activity” and why it no longer works well, has led to message fatigue and devalues sales professionals that are capable of so much more.

Listen as they revisit the fundamentals of selling effectively in medical devices and pharma, especially when it’s based on integrity and you’re bringing true value.

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