From July 2020

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Integrity Solutions CEO Mike Esterday interviews Gary Karthauser, Senior Regional Managing Director of the Principal Financial Group

Every organization is dealing with the reality of economic volatility and disruption right now, but not every organization will be affected equally. In fact, when tough times hit, there are always some organizations that come through the crisis not only intact but stronger than ever. And there are some specific leadership principles that consistently propel these high-performing companies forward.

Discover the secrets of these successful leaders and how you can apply them to effectively navigate today’s challenging times.

You’ll learn:

• 5 leadership principles for creating a culture that keeps people engaged, motivated and productive, even in times of crisis
• How successful leaders prioritize coaching to build inner confidence and inspire higher performance across the organization
• Steps you can take to make your organization a “magnet” for recruiting, developing and retaining high achievers

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