From April 2020
Co-facilitated by Mike Fisher and Doug Murray

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When an incoming storm approaches, cows run away — which ultimately means they spend more time in the worst of it. Buffalo, on the other hand, charge directly into the storm. By running straight through it, they minimize the time they spend in it and the pain they suffer. Top-performing leaders and salespeople follow the same instincts as the buffalo. They choose the direct path through the storm, because they know that when you try to avoid a problem, you only end up amplifying it.

In this webinar, we explored:
• Practical ways you can minimize the negative impacts of the Covid-19 crisis in your business
• Specific, actionable steps for navigating the storm today- and coming out stronger tomorrow
• How salespeople can set new goals and create value-added conversations when your ability to interact with customers has radically shifted
• Guiding principles for leaders

All of us are dealing with the same storm right now. How will you emerge on the other side? Will you be a cow…or a buffalo?

Access the Recording Today (Access Password: P3?t47IM)