From April 2020
Co-facilitated by Debbie Irving and Mike Fisher

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People need to receive value from you and feel valued by you in every interaction. This applies whether you’re in a sales, customer service or leadership role. But remote work adds a whole new twist. While you may already know a lot about Behavior Styles, as we pivot to customer engagement in a virtual work environment, there’s even more to dig into and benefit from.

Understanding and adapting to different Behavior Styles is key to building trust and rapport with your customers and colleagues, something that is not only more challenging when you’re interacting from a distance, it’s also more critical in potentially stressful situations.

This practical, interactive 30-minute webinar explored:

  • What’s at stake when communication is from a distance
  • The strengths and challenges of each Behavior Style
  • How expertly using Behavior Styles deepens customer engagement and leads to new business
  • How to quickly recognize Styles, yours and theirs
  • Considerations when adapting to others’ Styles when either of you are under stress

View the Recording Today! Password: 6Y*52$=3