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It’s tougher than ever to get access to buyers, and this only underscores the importance of consistent outbound lead generation and growing your pipeline. Research shows there is a direct correlation between a salesperson’s prospecting success and their ability to hit their targets. Salespeople who fill their pipelines more predictably have far greater win rates and better overall sales performance. Yet very few organizations provide their sales team with skills to support this “above the funnel” activity.

82% of prospects say they still accept meetings with salespeople who reach out to them (via Hubspot), and yet according to Salesforce salespeople spend less than 9% of their time prospecting. Why the disconnect? And how do you identify and engage with potential buyers by continuing to focus on the human elements of sales and relationship-building?

Prospecting is the process
of proactively identifying and
contacting potential customers
whose problems you can help solve.

Prospecting is a vital part of the majority of sales roles, and those who approach it with the right mindset and rigor are more likely to be successful. Effective and efficient prospecting requires salespeople to leverage both knowledge and connection to ensure their targets understand how their products and / or services address the challenges that are top of mind. This is what opens the door to a meaningful sales conversation.

Watch this recorded webinar, co-hosted by our Amara Hunt & Will Milano, to learn:

  • The difference between selling skills and prospecting skills
  • The prospecting variables salespeople need to be hyper focused on
  • A simple and repeatable tool to enable salespeople to prioritize the prospecting most likely to convert to sales

Create a more consistent pipeline of new market share (net new logos) and instill the confidence, skill set and mindset to find and engage with