Up Your Sales Coaching Game

Sales Coaching Toolkit

Illustration of peoples heads

Sales coaching has never – repeat, never – been more important than today.  With salespeople paralyzed and isolated, they need a coach to listen to them, boost their confidence, and help them take action.

Our toolkit will give you our latest research and frameworks to help you up-skill your coaching.  In this toolkit, you’ll receive:

  1. An article which breaks down the 4 Behavior Styles (Talkers, Doers, Supporters, and Controllers) and helps create a plan how to coach each individually.
  2. A podcast that details how sales teams can leverage sales enablement for better quality coaching conversations that can be used at the right time to advance sales opportunities.
  3. Our latest research on sales coaching which, among other things, will tell you how high performing organizations differ in their approach to sales coaching, and where you stand on the sales coaching maturity model.