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After experiencing significant growth due to mergers & acquisitions, this global provider of payment processing and information management services realized that in order to effectively capitalize on its growth it needed to establish a consistent process for ongoing development of its people. Coaching was going to be the key component to establishing a culture that invests in, develops, and retains top performers.


Drawing on research that shows a robust sales coaching culture is a hallmark of a world class sales organization, leadership determined that the company needed to:

  • Increase sales executive support for coaching
  • Create a sales coaching culture based on a unified definition of coaching
  • Align everyone in the company behind a consistent coaching model and tools
  • Enhance manager coaching effectiveness to improve sales rep performance


The Director of Global Sales and Operations Training assembled a “champion team” of sales professionals and managers to develop a roadmap for new sales managers that outlines a oneyear learning journey and accountabilities tied to coaching.

The Integrity Selling® program was already part of the company’s onboarding for all sales professionals. But because many of the sales managers had been promoted from sales or business positions, most didn’t have experience managing teams. To build their leadership and coaching skills and mindset, the company selected the Integrity Coaching® program, which would give managers a consistent, integrity-based approach to coaching. 

All sales managers complete Integrity Coaching, which encompasses an interactive workshop, follow-up application modules and online tools. Integrity Coaching is a central component of the company’s overall manager development program


Using The Kirkpatrick Model to evaluate the impact of the program, the company compared post-implementation assessment results to the initial survey benchmarks. Documented Level 3 and Level 4 outcomes included:

  • Increased sales effectiveness ratings as a result of managers completing the program
  • Reduced sales attrition
  • Increased employee morale and satisfaction (including achieving the Great Place to Work® certification)
  • Increased revenue

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“One of the reasons we chose Integrity Solutions is because ‘integrity’ is one of our core values, and so I really liked the idea of having a framework that was tied back to our core values.”


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We have adopted a coaching culture which builds and sustains learned skills; all managers are held accountable for coaching frequency, time and quality.

Director of Global Sales and Operations Training

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