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Healthcare Sales Training Programs

In healthcare sales, dealing with complexity and change is the daily reality. It takes confidence, competence and commitment to communicate value to broad stakeholder groups and adapt to an increasingly virtual selling world. Our healthcare sales training focuses on the mindset, skillsets and strategies critical to success in this continually evolving environment.

The pressure has never been higher on your healthcare sales reps. They have to understand the priorities of clinical as well as non-clinical decision-makers and influencers, quickly connect with them and create meaningful value for each. And they have to do it all without being able to rely on many of their tried-and-true training strategies and selling approaches.

Drop-ins? Forget it. Hands-on demos? Not in a virtual world. Counting on the medical professional you have a longstanding relationship with to push the deal through? Increasingly rare.

Put simply, the stakes are up for your reps, and their comfort zones are gone.

In this demanding environment, healthcare sales training programs that focuses on skills and product knowledge is still important, but it’s not enough. When you address mindset and build accountability into the process, you’ll help your sales reps discover a greater sense of purpose that will increase their self-belief, achievement drive and motivation. They’ll be able to push past the obstacles they’re up against and focus on what counts: increasing value, differentiation and commitments from every interaction and solidifying customer trust and loyalty.

Pharmaceutical advisor showing new medicine

Because it’s not just your reps — their healthcare customers are dealing with their own internal changes and complexities. They’re looking for strategic partners who will help them articulate their most pressing needs, get disparate stakeholders on the same page and increase the value they deliver to their patients.

Equip your reps to:

  • Believe in themselves
  • Tap into their sense of purpose 
  • Take ownership of their success
  • Become problem solvers and trusted advisers
  • Open the door to new opportunities

The healthcare sales reps who fully understand the business environment they’re operating in, know what it takes to have a value-filled conversation with different stakeholders and are supported by a strong coaching culture have the advantage. They have confidence. They make the most of limited time with their customers. And they deliver value that results in more appointments and more closed deals. 

Building Sustainable High Performance

To get measurable results, focus on these four critical areas:

The Sales Conversation:

Increasing value, differentiation and commitment from every sales interaction

The Account:

Develop broader relationships and increase YOY revenues from key accounts.

The Sales Manager:

Transform managers from revenue reporters to growth accelerators

The Person:

Increase self-belief, achievement drive and motivation to succeed

Healthcare Sales Training Programs Key Topics

  • Techniques to drive favorable outcomes by shifting from a supplier to a strategic partnership mindset
  • Value of asking thought-provoking questions that reveal specific customer needs
  • Selling approaches that appeal to diverse audiences, including physicians, value analysis committees and hospital management
  • How to maximize selling opportunities in spite of decreased access and limited time
  • Planning, preparation and team collaboration strategies, with specific strategies for virtual sales calls
  • New ways to frame products and sell value
  • Methods for building trust to ensure long-term professional partnerships
  • Importance of values, ethics, and beliefs, aka integrity

Healthcare Sales Training Programs

healthcare sales training for medical device reps

Integrity Selling for Medical Device Sales Teams

Integrity Selling for Medical Device Sales equips sales professionals with consultative sales behaviors and skills as well as the value-focused mindset and processes to forge strategic partnerships that will drive your competitive advantage.

healthcare sales training for pharmaceutical reps

Integrity Selling for Pharmaceutical Sales Teams

Integrity Selling for Pharmaceutical Sales develops high-performing  pharmaceutical sales reps by focusing on ethical sales behaviors that forge productive, long-term, clinical and non-clinical partnerships.

hearing healthcare sales training

Integrity Selling for Hearing Healthcare

Integrity Selling for Hearing Healthcare is a comprehensive, customized sales training program for an industry overcoming the hurdles of greater regulation, growing price pressure and an increasingly competitive marketplace.

healthcare sales training for dental

Integrity Selling for Dental

While dental device sales opportunities are growing, the selling environment has changed dramatically, and it’s pushing even the most experienced sales reps out of their comfort zones.

healthcare sales training systems

Integrity Selling for Healthcare Services

As a mission-driven healthcare services organization, your priorities are to improve the quality of life of those you serve and to take the right approach when dealing with loved ones who are having to make hard, emotional decisions.

healthcare sales training programs

Integrity Selling for Hospitals & Clinics

Today’s customer-oriented patients expect an exceptional experience in every healthcare interaction they have, and for good reason. Effective communication and patient involvement have been shown to make a positive difference in clinical outcomes.

pharmaceutical sales training Integrity Selling

Integrity Selling Refresh

A simple and effective way for healthcare sales reps and managers to keep previously learned Integrity Selling principles front-of-mind within their daily workflow and without taking reps off the phones.

Call Center Training Gets Results

Integrity Selling Elevate

For graduates of Integrity Selling, Elevate offers sustained, virtual sales training and coaching to deepen learning and speed results.

training programs for coaching

Integrity Coaching

Empower and equip your people to do great things.

Success Stories

Join healthcare clients like Abbot, American Red Cross, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Novartis, Quest Diagnostics and Sanofi to enjoy results like these.

increase in revenue within 6 months vs. 9% average market growth
million revenue growth in 6 years
increase in market share in the medical device sector
increase in customer commitments
94% increase in time with physicians
Patient satisfaction scores improved from 12th to 93rd percentile
increase in employee retention


Quest Diagnostics™
How a comprehensive sales model improved sales effectiveness and shaped culture at Quest Diagnostics™
Quest has certified approximately 40 internal trainers to facilitate Integrity Selling®
Smith & Nephew
Implementing a formal selling process across the Smith & Nephew Sports Medicine division wins a 2018 Training Top 125 Award
increased revenue by 23% vs. the 9% average growth for the market.


Shape Copy

I have been through countless selling models in my career. By far, Integrity Selling® is the single most relevant and easily applied for selling in healthcare today.

Senior Director of Training
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After four years of flat sales and no new products, Integrity Selling® helped us achieve a 20% increase in sales.

Vice President of Sales
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The investment we have made is paying huge dividends in shaping a performance-driven culture – where people are motivated and engaged to perform at their highest potential.

Vice President of Sales

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