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Agriculture Sales Training

From small family farms to multinational food producers, agribusinesses of all types and sizes are facing unique challenges. Increasing pressure from global competition ... climate change induced strains on land and crops … rapidly shifting prices … agribusinesses are continually adapting. And since many of the products are, by nature, commodities, success depends not only on new technologies and ways of operating but new ways of selling, too.  This requires a different approach to agriculture sales training.

Do your teams fully understand the value expectations of your customers? Or are they stuck in a purely transactional, order-taking and reactive relationship with them?

Leading agribusiness industry companies we work with stand out for exceptional customer loyalty and growth. They develop sales and service teams that consistently rate high in two areas: developing deeper, trust-based relationships by intentionally listening and responding to customer needs, and being able to communicate the unique value proposition of their products and services vs. competitors. 

One of the hallmarks of these customer-focused organizations is high employee engagement, which refers to the passion, commitment and discretionary effort your people bring to the job every day. In the agriculture industry, employee engagement is what drives great sales and customer service teams. Deeply engaged employees will bring more of themselves to their work, expend more discretionary effort and simply show up better.

Agriculture Sales Training Experience

We have worked with leaders in agribusiness in the U.S. and Canada for well over 25 years to understand their business and successfully deploy comprehensive agriculture sales training, coaching and customer service training solutions for all levels, from sales leaders to field sales reps and customer service teams.

By building both the skillset and mindset to develop trust, credibility and rapport, your teams will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the unique goals of your customers. As a result, they’ll be able to create more value and increase customer loyalty and sales per customer.

Agriculture Sales Training Session

Some of the ways we lift performance for clients in the agribusiness industry include:

  • Installing a common sales language
  • Equipping salespeople with tools and mindset to:
    • have deeper conversations with customers and ask better questions
    • be more proactive with customers
    • achieve growth goals
    • obtain new customers
  • Increasing the number of products-per-customer
  • Elevating employee engagement and increase retention 
  • Providing a framework for accountability through ongoing coaching 

Agribusiness Training Programs

Foundational Programs

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Integrity Selling®

A customer needs-focused process for all levels of salespeople to improve confidence, expand beliefs and increase sales effectiveness. Deepen customer relationships, gain access to new buyers, prepare better for customer conversations and grow your sales pipeline.

Coaching agriculture sales training for teams

 Integrity Coaching

Managers learn a step-by-step process to help their people align attitudes and beliefs and improve their sales and customer service skills for better results.

Stock Market Concepts around agriculture sales training

Integrity Service

Developing the skills, attitudes, motives and values to provide outstanding customer service.

Enhancement Programs

training programs for coaching

Integrity Selling Refresh

A variety of self-paced online and interactive sessions to reinforce the application of sales principles of Integrity Selling and create lasting behavior change.

Healthcare Customer Service Training for selling

Integrity Selling Elevate

For those who’ve completed Integrity Selling, Elevate offers sustained, virtual sales training and coaching to deepen learning and speed results.


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I’ve been impressed with our rep’s engagement in Integrity Selling. On a regular basis, I hear them referencing specific concepts learned in the program. Our younger/newer reps gained a lot but what I have been most impressed with is how most our tenured reps have been very engaged throughout the program.

Current Agribusiness Client
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The weekly follow-ups (after the initial training) were important to drive the correct behaviors. It created an opportunity for participants to learn from others in an environment that was conducive to learning and change.

Current Agribusiness Client
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Agriculture is a service based industry. Integrity Service® provides us the opportunity to develop our employees at all levels of the company to not just be ‘good’, but ‘GREAT’ at customer service.

Cyndi Vencill, HR Training & Development

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Agriculture Sales Training in the field

A sales culture that builds customer loyalty is rooted in the seed of investing in your sales and service teams.

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