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Truly Customer-Focused Customer Service Training Programs

Exceptional customer service is not a function; it is a purpose.  It all begins with understanding what it means to be truly customer-focused.  This shift requires more than just skills; it demands the right attitudes, values, and beliefs as well.  And with these come confidence and real behavior change.  Integrity Service® is customer service training that will motivate your team to bring their best to your customers every day.

Move more of your customers from “satisfied” to “loyal”

When people are driven by values and an organizational purpose they believe in, given responsibility for the results of their efforts, and recognized and rewarded for what they do, they will deliver exceptional value and service to your customers. That’s what being customer-centric is all about. And that’s how you create long-term, loyal customers that results in superior long-term growth.


Integrity Service® is a comprehensive process designed to help people understand what it means to be a truly customer-focused organization. Participants in Integrity Service® are better able to identify and serve internal and external customers, focus on their job purpose versus job function and understand how attitudes, motives and values influence the perception of service.

Holistic Customer Service Training

Customer service training has to build more than just skills, because being customer-focused isn’t just about what you do; it’s also about your attitudes, values and beliefs. We help your team shift their focus from the job function to the job purpose, building the behaviors and confidence to be truly customer-focused.

Our holistic approach to customer service training builds teams with a passion to work together to serve customers as problem-solvers and driven by a genuine desire to uncover needs, be the customer’s advocate and build value for them. The result is a sustained increase in customer satisfaction scores and retention rates, along with a highly engaged team that takes pride in their work.

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Nearly half of all customer service agents already struggle to manage difficult conversations, and yet they’re increasingly expected to support new cross-sell and upsell goals in order to combat a growing misconception of service teams.

Source: HubSpot Annual State of Service in 2022

Your team will learn: 

  • How to maintain a customer service attitude that involves understanding expectations, going above and beyond, and being a customer advocate
  • Techniques for asking questions and listening to uncover needs and build value
  • A practical problem-solving formula to independently understand, empathize with, and face service problems head on
  • The value of a positive attitude and a genuine desire to assist customers with current or future needs
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Integrity Solutions is just what we needed  for our frontline staff! They have gained the confidence they need to provide excellent customer service. They now realize that sales is service and service is sales! They take pride in their work and think of themselves as problem solvers.

Marcy Moser, Vice President
First Dakota National Bank

Client success examples 

Patient satisfaction rankings for a major Medical Center increased from the 28th to the 78th percentile of academic medical centers.
Employee turnover dropped 50% and goal achievement increased from 90% to 103% (a 14% increase for a premier non-profit charity).
A leading U.S.-based insurance and financial services company had a 35% increase in overall customer effectiveness and a 32% increase in service beyond expectation.
A large regional credit union’s membership satisfaction scores remain between 92% to 95% over a year after implementation.
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Take your customer service team “beyond the script” and turn them into true customer advocates.

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