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Our Approach

Integrity in every customer interaction is needed now more than ever.

Integrity is a promise and a strategy that is deeply rooted in our organization.

Integrity defines our culture and lives at the core of our difference. It’s why our customers trust us with their business year after year.

Most salespeople have only a fraction of the training needed to succeed. It’s why most struggle to succeed and come up short of their goals on a consistent basis.

The Integrity Solutions approach fills these gaps, the missing elements crucial to success. By focusing on the skillset and mindset, through a disciplined process, we unlock the very things that drive performance.

Our approach is built on the belief that thriving today, as an organization or as a sales professional, relies on your ability to understand who people are and connect with them in a way that goes well beyond the surface.

In a world filled with more uncertainty, change and competition than ever, customer relationships rooted in integrity have never been more powerful or driven more value. When you connect more deeply with your mission, each other and your buyers, sales performance improves exponentially.

Top talent on the fence become enthusiastic recruits. Stalled managers grow into successful leaders. New customers become lifelong champions. And target accounts convert to coveted logos faster and more often.

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Rise up with Integrity.

For companies that are driven by values, are relationship-minded with their customers and dedicated to delivering products and services that improve lives, Integrity Solutions is far and away the best choice. 

Most training promises to impart knowledge and develop new behaviors. But top-performing sales and service professionals have a special advantage.

They’re driven by a set of attitudes, beliefs and values that inspire them to achieve more—for their customers, their organization and themselves.

At Integrity, we are performance experts who, through our team and award-winning training programs, enable sales and customer service teams to build trusted customer relationships with integrity at their core, providing them with the foundation to rise up and lead. 

Our mindset + skillset approach is unique and powerful. 

By connecting knowledge, skills and values, the customer-centric Integrity Solutions approach helps people get unstuck, go beyond what they’ve previously seen as possible and realize their full potential.

And Integrity Solutions helps “sales-reticent” organizations and individuals embrace their sales role with an approach that feels honest and authentic.

We help you tackle one of the most persistent learning challenges: Unlocking people’s belief in themselves, their roles, and the value they bring to customers every day. Training must go far beyond the ‘How’ and address the all-important ‘Why’. We can show you how.

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“Integrity changes you. It removes the blockers that keep you from reaching your potential.”

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Grounded in Values

Changes mindsets, ignites motivation and aligns with cultural expectations.

Call Center Training Gets Results


Helps the middle move up and the best get better, no matter what their roles are.

Integrity Selling is professional development for non-profits sales teams

Integrated Coaching

Engages managers to model, coach and overcome performance-limiting behaviors.

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Sequenced Continuous Learning

Creates accountability, solidifies new behaviors and ensures training ROI.

What problems do we solve?

We elevate skillset while impacting beliefs, attitudes and mindset- the true multipliers of success. 

We solve for all the wasted time and money spent on “event” training that didn’t stick.

What business outcomes do we deliver?

Grow top-line revenue and bottom-line profitability. Grow your market share and profitability, increase win rates & average deal size, and number of net new customers. Implement a common sales language. Increase customer retention and expand the number of products-per-customer. Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS), sharpen prospecting, call preparation and negotiation skills, and ability to sell in complex B2B environments.

Create a coaching culture. Increase your managers’ willingness, ability and confidence to coach and develop their people. Increase employee engagement, productivity and retention and build a strong coaching culture that attracts top new talent.

Create an Exceptional Customer-Focused Culture. Elevate your customer service team and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Increase Net Promoter Score (NPS). Decrease customer service team turnover. Create empowered problem solvers on your customer service teams and contact enters that ask better questions, rely far less on scripts and solve problems for your customers (that get it right the first time) while uncovering incremental needs and opportunities.

Our blended learning programs meet you and your learners where you are. Literally.

Continual Learning Delivers Long-Lasting Results

Learning is no longer tied just to a classroom, and that’s good news. For best results — for your business objectives and for your learners’ development — the Integrity Solutions approach is a continual process that blends traditional, deep-dive face-to-face training with virtual classroom, self-guided and hands-on application as it makes sense for you. We combine leading technology and an agile, flexible virtual capability with a powerful solution design that includes our unique behavior change process, repeated application in the field, follow-up and accountability.

We can create virtual learning environments that replicate the interaction, small group discussions, exercises and self-discovery that happens in all our face-to-face workshops. You get the same, proven content and engagement, without the travel costs and time out of the field. 

Learning sessions are short and lively.  Instructors facilitate brief video meetings, spaced out over time, to allow for application of concepts in between. Participants reconvene to share insights.  This staggered learning approach acclimates them to the rest of their learning, which will include follow-ups and application of reinforcement tools.

of workers who are fulfilled say their company has a strong sense of purpose
Mercer Global Talent Trends Study
Turnover is 2x higher in sales vs. the overall labor market
Harvard Business Review
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The training process drives real behavior change. It’s not one and done.

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You Can’t Teach People to Sell by Teaching People to Sell

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