Just about every organization has them.

They’re loyal, honest, conscientious, good people. They know your products or services as well as anyone. Maybe even better than most. They’ve read all the product literature, watched videos on selling and can answer most of the customers’ questions that come up.

They faithfully attend all of your sales meetings and diligently learn everything you attempt to teach them.

So, what’s the problem?

The problem is…they don’t sell much! Their days are filled with unkept plans, call reluctance or contact avoidance. If only they’d do what you teach them to do, they’d be successful.

But they don’t do what you taught them to do.

Why? Because just teaching them product knowledge, sales skills and activity-management processes, although necessary, doesn’t mean they will sell well.

Simply knowing how to sell, although necessary, doesn’t in and of itself create sales winners.

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