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Virtual Selling with Integrity

Virtual selling has changed the way customers interact with salespeople. While the fundamentals of selling aren’t different in a virtual setting, the dynamics are. Many salespeople, rookies and veterans alike, often struggle to adapt.

With challenges like…

  • Staying motivated and focused despite isolation and work-from-home distractions
  • Dealing with technology issues
  • Participants multitasking during meetings

…virtual selling demands a higher level of sales expertise.  And this expertise demands virtual sales training.  

Virtual Sales Training Overview

Not all online learning is created equal. Integrity Solutions’ newest virtual training program, Virtual Selling With Integrity™, is a blended learning experience that combines dynamic virtual content, deal-based exercises for real-world application, and virtual coaching with real, live, Integrity Advisors.

Virtual Selling With Integrity™ is a comprehensive virtual sales training solution that trains the whole person with a values-based approach to build both the skillset and mindset needed to fuel virtual sales performance.

Virtual Selling With Integrity is based on four fundamental principles:

The Right Mindset:

Helping people shift their view of selling virtually, expand their view of abilities and increase their commitment to virtual selling activities.

The Right Preparation:

Conducting thorough research (of individuals and organizations), detailed pre-call planning best practices.

The Right Use of Technology:

Mastering the use of technology tools, understand how to virtually demonstrate offerings, and anticipate unforeseen challenges.

The Right Conversations:

Connecting with people based on their Behavior Style®, creating clear statements of intent, asking high-impact questions and focusing on the fundamentals of effective communication.

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Why Virtual Selling With Integrity?

  • More efficient use of time. Travel less. Engage with more customers per day.
  • More time for pre-call planning and research.
  • Build rapport and gain trust.
  • Strengthen the effectiveness of sales conversations.
  • Engage with groups of decision makers and influencers.
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We believe that sales success is built on a foundation of both skill and will. We use a four step methodology to implement the Skill and Will Playbook:

  1. Diagnosis of Sales Performance Factors
  2. Interactive One-Day Workshop
  3. 4 Week Sustainment & Accountability Program
  4. Coaching Conversations

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